Mark Battles – Black Einstein (Mixtape)

Mark Battles delivers his brand new mixtape Black Einstein exclusively with HNHH! The mixtape features two previous leak, “Love & Hip-Hop” with Joe Budden and Dizzy Wright, as well as “Take It From Me.” In addition to those two, Battles nabbed appearances from Curren$y, French Montana, Emilio Rojas, Euroz, Derek Luh, Darius Allen and more. The majority of the production comes from J Cuse, but Swiff Tha Gift and Lou Koo also have a few beats on Black Einstein.


Download Mixtape  MediaFire

1. Intro (Prod. By J Cuse)
2. What You Expect (Prod. by J Cuse)
3. Mama Imma Make It (Prod. by Swiff Tha Gift)
4. Wake Up (Prod. by J Cuse)
5. Got A Feeling Remix (Prod. by Lou Koo)
6. Man For The Job (Prod. by J Cuse)
7. Running (Prod. by J Cuse)
8. Love And Hip Hop (Prod. by Swiff Tha Gift)
9. Don’t Tell (Prod. by Young Kros)
10. Cant Stand Us (Prod. by J Cuse)
11. What Would I Be (Prod. by J Cuse)
12. Pure (Prod. by J Cuse)
13. City Of Mine
14. My Shoes (Prod. By J Cuse)
15. Coney Island
16. Can’t Take No More (Prod. by J Cuse)
17. Underdog (Prod. by J Cuse)
18. Hiroshima (Prod. by J Cuse)
19. World Is Mine (Prod. by J Cuse)
20. Take It From Me (Prod. by J Cuse)